My Cafe Box product is formulated natural ways to boost your energy and libido to unleash your sexual desires for men and women available in four flavors

Tantra Bliss Chocolate, Unleash Vanilla 

Unleash your own inner sex Goddess and unleash your full sexual potential divine life force energy with unleash vanilla. Maybe you feel like you’ve never been in touch with your inner Goddess or it’s been in the form of burn-out, depression,anxiety, sexual disinterest or “dysfunction” Try Tantra Bliss Chocolate Unleash Vanilla made with totally organic and exotic Spices for women and men that may want to increase their confidence, reclaim their seductive power and enjoy life to the fullest.

Tantra Bliss Chocolate, Fire Ginseng

Fire Ginseng lit up your sex life and increases your performance in the bedroom. Tantra Bliss Chocolate is a blissful blend of Organic Panax Ginseng and exotic spices. Sex is a wonderful gift to be enjoyed and shared by both of men and women. Good sex promotes physical and mental health and the vitality of the relationship. Sex releases endorphin’s, which elevate mood and lower stress and pain levels. So after having sex, each partner associates good and positive feelings with each other.

Tantra Bliss Hot Chocolate, Lust Maca

Lust Maca Tantra Bliss Chocolate is a blend of Organic Maca and exotic spices that increases intense sexual desire or appetite; ardent enthusiasm, zest, or relish. (He felt a deep lust for life, with one look at her lusty complexion, and lusted lustfully for her lusty haunches. Lust) Let Tantra Bliss Chocolate put you in the mood and may help you prepare for a Lustful and Passionate night.

Tantra Bliss Chocolate, Exotic Spices

Exotic spices play a vital role in your health and render wonderful effects to create different positive outcomes. Very less of people actually know that exotic spices can increase your vitality and promotes sexuality. Spice up your sex life with Tantra Bliss Chocolate made with Organic exotic spices. TO SPICE UP YOUR LOVE LIFE whether it’s romantic, raunchy or some where in between, try Tantra Bliss chocolate may make your sex life ~hot~again.

Many Medical studies provide evidence-based health benefits of sex

Improves immunity

Good for the heart

Lowers blood pressure

Relieves pain

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Improves sleep

Boosts brain power

Increases lifespan

Boosts self-esteem

Benefits of Sex for Men

Sex enhances libido, balances hormone levels, decreases stress, treats PMS or menopausal symptoms, relieves hot flushes, exhaustion and headaches, relieves depression and anxiety , improves genital blood flow, lifts mood, restores good sleep and helps anti-aging and longevity.

Benefits of Sex for Women

Sex helps to boost testosterone levels, decreases stress, and improves nerve function and genital blood flow, and increases interest in libido. It also renders sounder sleep, minimizes pain , decreases sneezing and runny nose, renders a youthful glow, lightens periods and lessons cramps , and tones your body.