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Unleash your own inner sex Goddess and unleash your full sexual potential divine life force energy with unleash vanilla. Maybe you feel like you’ve never been in touch with your inner Goddess or it’s been in the form of burn-out, depression, anxiety, sexual disinterest or “dysfunction” Try Tantra Bliss Chocolate Unleash Vanilla made with totally organic and exotic Spices for women and men that may want to increase their confidence, reclaim their seductive power and enjoy life to the fullest. Let Tantra Bliss Chocolate put you in the best of your mood.

Vanilla Bean

You know how smelling food gets you in the mood? Well, Vanilla is one of the strongest food scents in the world. Vanilla is the most famous scent in the world when it comes to romance, and it has been used in the past to treat erectile dysfunction, low libido, and impotence.


Yet another reason to consume chocolates! Chocolates (which as you probably know, are gotten from cocoa) are rich in dopamine and serotonin. Cocoa also helps in reducing the stress in the body muscles and increases blood flow. Also, chocolate contains theobromine; a chemical that works like caffeine in the sense that it promotes the feeling of being love.


Clove are warm spices which have a little bit of a sweet taste. They help increase the sex drive by increasing the flow of blood and body temperature of the body. They also make you appear sexually active by giving you a naturally sweet scent and increasing your energy to perform optimally during sex.


Ginger has been used as an aphrodisiac for many centuries, and for good reasons too. Ginger can help boost your sex drive by increasing the flow of blood through the body, especially to your sex organs. It also keeps your body temperature at a nice warm level. Perfect for sex!


Turmeric is abundant in serotonin and this can be a very strong sexual stimulant for men and women.


Cinnamon has the ability to lower the amount or percentage of b=sugar in the blood and because high blood sugar will have a person suffer from disorders such as erectile dysfunction and low sperm count, you can rest assured that Cinnamon will go a long way in rectifying that.


Cardamom contains a high constituent of cineole, which helps in the pumping of blood to both the male and female reproductive areas. It also balances the body energy and contains detoxifying properties. It is a perfect help for low libido.


Hot Drink

Add 2 teaspoon Tantra Bliss Hot Cocoa Just mix with 8oz hot water Stir and serve. For a delicious treat, add milk or whipped cream.

Blended Iced

Add 4 teaspoon Tantra Bliss hot Cocoa Pour 4 oz. of chilled coffee, milk or water into blender.Blend thoroughly until smooth.

Tantra Bliss Chocolate Can be mix: in coffee, latte, yogurt, smoothies and oatmeal.

Ingredients: Evaporated Cane Juice, Cocoa, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla Bean, Clove, Ginger, turmeric, Cinnamon and Cardamom.

Nutrition Facts: 80 calories per serving 


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    “I love your product” unleash vanilla with and rich chocolate taste is yummy and benefit is amazing.

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